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European consumers rely on CARFAX Vehicle History Reports to assist them in deciding which used US cars to purchase. Knowing the history of a used car helps customers make a better buying decision. CARFAX Reports provide a summary of the vehicle history in detail. The vehicle history includes: the number of owners, inspection details, mileage history and may also include accident indicators, service records, and more.

A CARFAX Vehicle History Report can help you save money in the long run by avoiding imported cars that have hidden problems. CARFAX Advantage Dealers offer FREE CARFAX Vehicle History Reports for vehicles that are on sale.

How to Get the CARFAX Vehicle History Report for FREE

At a CARFAX Advantage Dealership (Vehicles offered by the dealer)

A CARFAX Advantage Dealer is a dealership which is recognized by CARFAX as an advantage dealer who provides his clients with transparency and safety on all offered cars. By providing FREE CARFAX Vehicle History Reports on all domestic used vehicles in stock, these dealers assist buyers in knowing more about a vehicle before they buy it, and so help reduce the chance for customers of getting stuck with a vehicle with hidden secrets or unexpected surprises. The cars that CARFAX Advantage Dealers offer can usually also be found in online advertisements on listing sites. Customers who are interested in the vehicle can simply click on the link "see CARFAX History" and immediately get access to the Vehicle History Report. Alternatively, customers can also visit the CARFAX Trusted Dealer and ask for a free CARFAX Report. It should be noted that next to trusted dealers, many sellers also may be able to provide CARFAX Vehicle History Reports. Always ask the seller if he can provide one!

CARFAX Advantage Dealers are present in Sweden, Sloveniam the Netherlands and Spain.

Ask the seller for CARFAX Reports (for all cars imported from the US)

Free CARFAX Vehicle History Reports are also available for used cars that were imported from the United States. Many importers of used US cars purchase such a report. If you are considering a vehicle that is for sale by a private seller, ask them for the CARFAX Vehicle History Report. A quality imported vehicle should have the transparency so that its potential buyer can verify its class. If sellers are reluctant to share the vehicle history, you may want to purchase a vehicle history report for used us cars by yourself on, or avoid that vehicle if you don't trust it.

On Online listings (For both domestic and imported cars)

CARFAX is expanding partnerships to provide online shoppers with FREE access to CARFAX Vehicle History Reports on all advertised vehicles. This is possible when the seller of the vehicle wants to offer more transparency to potential customers and attaches the vehicle history report to the advertisement. This gives consumers a higher level of transparency by knowing more about the vehicle they are interested in and helps them to choose the right car.

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Browse vehicles on importer or auction websites (For used imported US cars)

Thousands of vehicles listed on importer or auction sites can include a FREE CARFAX Vehicle History Report. These sellers and auctioneers often buy a CARFAX Vehicle History Report before they purchase the vehicle they are planning to export. Look for the FREE CARFAX links and get the same CARFAX Vehicle History information that is available for purchase on

In addition to getting a CARFAX Report, before you buy a vehicle we recommend taking a test drive and having the vehicle inspected by a qualified mechanic.