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A used car or a new car? Consumers every year face a difficult choice before purchase. CARFAX Europe explains and advises on the most important parameters included in the decision process of consumers for a used vehicle. Did you know 30% of all used cars contain some type of negative history? Mileage inconsistency, stolen entries or an excessive amount of previous owners are facts that change the value of your car significantly, whether you know about it or not.

With the help of the CARFAX Used Car Check, we help you review your car before purchase using the following set of unique indicators:

The most important parameters for a used vehicle check

Value for money - price

We recommend customers to review the market and see if the value corresponds with the price of the vehicle. Check the value of a used car so that you don’t overpay. The value can be affected most by a car’s recent history. Make sure your vehicle had no major accidents.

Intolerable damage

Intolerable damage may decrease the value of the vehicle and lead to expensive unforeseen reparations. Also, it may affect you and your environment’s road safety. Always check a used car for scratches and general functionality. An inspection is recommended.

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Road safety and durability of the vehicle

How do you know your vehicle is safe? We recommend you to obtain an inspection record on the vehicle close to the date of purchase. To make sure your vehicle passes the mandatory car inspection for road usage, always check a used car’s vehicle history to avoid hidden surprises.

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Residual value

If you buy a used car today, what is the worth of your car 100,000 kilometers and another ownership later?  A strategic investment pays attention to the mileage number, durability and number of ownerships of the vehicle.

The mileage number

The higher the mileage number, the higher the chance of future reparations and the lower the residual value. Make sure the odometer wasn’t rolled back. You can find out more about how to detect odometer fraud.

car mileage

The number of previous owners

A high number of owners may discredit a vehicle or even raise skepticism. Ask or do research about the amount of owners to find out more information about your vehicle.

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Date of registration; date of first use

An earlier date of registration may mean a cheaper car, but also increases the risk of future reparations. Look at the risk factors of a used car. A simple check or inquiry may save you a financial headache.

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The CARFAX instant used car check

Enter the VIN of your car of interest and obtain a comprehensive and instantly available report on the vehicle history of the car online.

The VIN, Vehicle Identification Number, can be found in the car itself or on many documents. Ask the seller for the VIN so you can check the Vehicle History of every used car from the United States.

After you enter the VIN, CARFAX will check the used car in its extensive database collect the number of records available about that vehicle. You can be sure CARFAX checked the right used car as we will return also some technical details that only match your specific vehicle.

CARFAX Europe enables customers to make more knowledgeable purchases about used vehicles. CARFAX is a worldwide operating provider of Vehicle History Reports and is trusted by millions of customers. CARFAX holds data of the unique Vehicle History for billions of used cars from the US and summarizes this information into a comprehensive report for customer use.

CARFAX helps customers uncover the true value of a vehicle and enables them to find the vehicle that perfectly matches their own specified criteria. Consumer are less susceptible to surprises, unforeseen financial charges or and reparations through a sound and firm knowledge of their vehicle before purchase. Check any used car from the US now!

For more information about how to check a car, watch our video tutorial: