Car Frame Damage - A Broken Foundation of Your Vehicle

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What you Need to Know About Car Frame Damage

One of the most important safety features of your car is the one you can't see - the car's structure or frame. While many people talk about car frames, most US vehicles today are built on an integrated unibody structure. Whatever it's called, and however it's designed, your car's structure or frame is the foundation on which the entire car is built.

What is structural/ frame damage?

If you're shopping for an imported US used car, you want to make sure that the vehicle's structure/frame is in good condition, with no rebuilt title. Even minor damage, if not repaired properly, can seriously degrade a car's ability to protect you in an accident.

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Structural/ frame damage is damage to any component of a vehicle that is part of the main structure of the vehicle, and/or any component designed to provide structural integrity. Examples of these components include any suspension mounting location that can't be removed, the lower frame rails, any upper frame rails, and in the case of unibody construction, the A, B and C pillars, windshield and rear window frames and rocker panels. Components that are bolted on are not considered part of a car's structure or frame. Note that this is a general explanation - there are exceptions.