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There are many imported american cars driving on the European roads. CARFAX Europe explains how they got here as well as the best ways you can import an American car. The CARFAX Vehicle History Report is specially designed to help buyers steer clear of imported american cars which have a hidden negative history.

Buying an EU import car may be cheaper, or can sometimes be better equipped for the same money, than when you buy from your local dealer. You may even find an unusual or special model that isn’t available in the local car market. If you’re wondering how to buy an EU import car and legally get it on the road in your country, CARFAX has put together a comprehensive explanation of the process. ... » read more
New CARFAX Europe statistics highlight the need for care when considering the import and/or purchase of used cars from the US. Chevy Corvettes. Ford Mustangs. Dodge Vipers. Pick-Up trucks. Even German brands sold in the US such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz - Every year European consumers and dealers import tens of thousands of used cars from the USA and Canada.  ... » read more
Are You Thinking of Buying a Used US Car With a Salvage Title? Every year, millions of vehicles in the United States are declared salvage. Very often these cars are rebuilt and sold by deceptive sellers who fail to disclose or even try to hide the salvage information. Exact figures are unknown, but CARFAX Europe estimates that each year there are tens of thousands of these salvage titled vehicles exported to Europe. ... » read more