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CARFAX Europe has an extensive knowledge about used cars and the current conditions in the marketplace. Sharing this information, as well as customer experiences, can be very beneficial to future buyers of used cars. The CARFAX Vehicle History Report helps avoid used cars which have a hidden negative history.

A used car shopper, who wishes to remain anonymous, was interested in purchasing a 1995 BMW 328i. Before following through with the sale, he decided to do a little research first. After purchased a CARFAX Vehicle History Report for the BMW, he was shocked to discover that at one point in the vehicle’s history the odometer reading had been manipulated. The CARFAX Report clearly details the chain of events as follows: ... » read more
​Dariush B. was looking for a used car over the Internet. The two main criteria he had were the ownership history and mileage reading. He wanted to have a One-Owner car with roughly 120.000 km. After detailed research, he found a car that matched his two criteria and sparked his interest: an Audi A6.  So he decided to contact the dealer of the Audi A6. Dariush B. thought the dealer was very friendly and seemed trustworthy. During three conversations over the phone, Dariush B. got all the details and his decision was clear - he wanted to buy the car. Next, he planned his trip from Madrid to Barcelona to visit the dealer. ... » read more
Mikael Bryngelsson, owner of Esklistuna Fordon in Sweden, was considering the acquisition of a used 2004 Saab to add to his stock. When the owner brought it to him as a possible trade-in, the car looked great and displayed  relatively low mileage. Fortunately for Mikael, CARFAX warned him about serious problems with the car BEFORE he bought it – saving him money and potential damage to his reputation. Although you could not tell by looking at it, the vehicle actually had a rather dubious past: ... » read more
Sometimes, what you don’t know CAN hurt you! The Swedish used car market can be a great place to find a used vehicle for the right value. Since scams in the used car market are not uncommon, however, caution is highly recommended. A 2010 Chevy Impala US Import was recently advertised for 199,000 SEK (~ 22.500 €!) on a Swedish used car listing website. The advertisement did not mention, however, that the car had been in multiple accidents in the US. ... » read more
Recently, one of our CARFAX Trusted Dealers from Stockholm was offered a good-looking car. On a regular day for the dealer, a customer walked in and wanted to sell his car and buy a new one instead. He offered the dealer, Magnus K.*, a Volvo S80 manufactured in 2007 with relatively low mileage. At first, the car looked great and Magnus decided to show the customer his stock of used vehicles. ... » read more