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Learning as much car information as possible while shopping for used cars is always a good idea. CARFAX Europe informs buyers about a number of useful topics, such as car maintenance, calculating car tax and auto insurance. Additionally, the CARFAX Vehicle History Report provides shoppers with lots of valuable information to help make better purchase decisions. 

In August 2017, Hurricane Harvey devastated U.S. towns and cities destroying more than 500.000 cars (at a cost of $2.7-4.9 Billion (U.S.) based on early estimates. It is expected that this number could easily double once the full extent is known. Based on CARFAX’s long-term experience regarding imported vehicles from the U.S.A., we anticipate tens of thousands of these cars will be imported into Europe over the next two years, and then flow into the Western European markets in order to get sold to unsuspecting buyers. ... » read more
For many drivers, the daily commute to and from the office can be a real grind. Traffic jams, detours, and lane closures are only a few examples of the many things which can delay your journey. Thankfully, there are ways to avoid these things with the use of nothing more than the smartphone in your pocket. CARFAX has put together a list of some of the best commuter apps in order to help you save time and keep better track over your daily drive. ... » read more
While you may be lounging on the beach, working on your tan, or cruising around with the convertible top down, the necessity for car maintenance is something that never takes a holiday. As the heat of summertime descends upon us, these car maintenance tips from CARFAX Europe can help you beat the heat and keep your car in tip top shape. ... » read more
Kilometer zero cars is one of the hottest topics in the automotive marketplace. But what exactly is a kilometer zero car and why are they in such high demand? In this article, CARFAX Europe takes a look at the classification of kilometer zero cars and how they differ from other types of new cars, as well as why they are not considered used vehicles. ... » read more
For many shoppers, buying the safest cars is one of the top priorities. And when you’re not only transporting yourself, but also your family, the significance of safety becomes even more paramount. For this reason, CARFAX has put together a list of the top ten safest cars for families, according to the latest independent test results from the European Union backed European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP). ... » read more
Car owners are oftentimes confronted with the harsh reality that car maintenance ends up adding a lot to the overall cost of a car over its lifetime. Apart from the upfront cost of the car, things like taxes, depreciation, insurance, along with routine car maintenance and service need to be considered when buying. In this article, CARFAX Europe takes a deeper look into car maintenance costs and which are the cheapest cars to run. ... » read more
In today’s ever-connected world, the way people shop is changing. This is equally true when it comes to shopping for used cars. The traditional shopping experience of visiting multiple dealerships, finding the vehicle that best suits your needs, consulting a few smooth-talking salespeople, and negotiating for the best price is rapidly becoming extinct. Modern shopping means spending less time at the dealership and informing oneself using the internet and mobile apps. Today, there is a new breed of savvy used-car shoppers. ... » read more
Buying a car with lower CO2 emissions can have many benefits, both to you as a car owner as well as to the general public. As the regulations are changing regarding car CO2 emissions and the carbon footprint becomes more and more a topic of concern, finding the right vehicle has never been more important. CARFAX Europe aims to make finding out a vehicle’s emissions rating easier with the CARFAX Vehicle History Report. ... » read more
For most car owners, saving money on fuel consumption is an important part of having a car. This concept becomes especially interesting when shopping for a new or used car. When all things are considered, it’s not only the purchase price that buyers should keep in mind but also finding the most fuel efficient cars. The fuel consumption costs to be paid for a car are equally significant. ... » read more
There is often some confusion when it comes to the relationship between CARFAX and vehicle history. After all, the CARFAX Vehicle History Report has vehicle history in the name. In order to clarify the difference between general vehicle history and a CARFAX Vehicle History Report, we set out to explain the two in detail here. What is Vehicle History? When one thinks of vehicle history, there are several things one can learn. For example, when considering a specific make and model of car, you can ask the following questions: ... » read more
When buying a car, you will have to pay a mandatory car tax. This tax is typically payable on a once-a-year basis. But just how much car tax can one expect to pay? CARFAX takes a look at the various ways to calculate car tax in Europe. Elements Used in Calculating Car Tax There are a lot of factors involved and each country within Europe focuses on different aspects in creating their calculation for car tax. Here is a list of the most common elements used in calculating car tax: ... » read more
After buying a car, the path to ownership generally doesn’t end there. One important – and necessary – step to vehicle ownership is getting car insurance. Before you sign up for a car insurance policy, it can be helpful to understand the many factors taken into consideration by the company when they calculate your car insurance costs. This can help you to ensure the cost to cover your vehicle are as low as possible. ... » read more
With all of the changes in regulations regarding lower emissions and increased efficiency, it’s becoming more important to fully understand exactly how fuel consumption works, so that it can be improved. To get a clearer picture, keep reading CARFAX’s guide to understanding fuel consumption. ... » read more
It doesn’t matter if you drive a gas-sipping hybrid or a massive, thirsty SUV, a great way to get the most out of your car (and keep more money in your wallet) is to save fuel while driving. Even a small improvement in fuel economy can really add up over time. CARFAX has put together a list of the top ten ways to save fuel. Using one of the following tips will only give you a slight improvement, but combining several ideas together can really make a difference. ... » read more
Buying a car can be a daunting task. Deciding which car is right for you can be difficult, especially because one normally keeps a car for many years before replacing it. For buyers looking for more flexibility in their shopping experience, car leasing can be a great option. ... » read more
What you Need to Know About Car Frame Damage One of the most important safety features of your car is the one you can't see - the car's structure or frame. While many people talk about car frames, most US vehicles today are built on an integrated unibody structure. Whatever it's called, and however it's designed, your car's structure or frame is the foundation on which the entire car is built. ... » read more
A frame or unibody provides a vehicle with structural strength. It is also used for mounting all the other systems that comprise the total car chassis. Car frame construction was used in early automobiles and is used in some types of vehicles today. In a car frame’s construction, the frame is made of steel and designed so that the body of the vehicle is mounted on top of it. The unibody is actually stamped out as part of he vehicle's structure. Today's passenger vehicles most commonly use unibody construction because of its ability to absorb energy during a collision. ... » read more