Selling Used Cars? CARFAX Has Tips to Maximize Sales

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Selling used cars

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CARFAX is a first-rate source of helpful information for selling used cars. CARFAX offers Vehicle History Reports for every used car in Sweden. By leveraging its broad knowledge about the used car market, selling used cars just got a whole lot easier. The CARFAX Vehicle History Report is a great tool for those selling used cars.

​ After you’ve determined your car value, the next thing to do is create an effective car ad for an online listing site. In order to maximize your car’s selling potential, CARFAX has put outlined some of the most important things to consider when creating your online car ad. ... » read more
When selling your car, determining the right car value can almost be considered an art form, blending both intuition and research. If you do it wrong, you could end up waiting weeks for a call or email from a potential buyer. That is why CARFAX has put together this guide on how to determine the car value and set the price to sell. Follow along to find out more. ... » read more
Are you looking to sell your car? Following CARFAX’s 10 Step guide on how to sell your carcan help turn your used car into money in your pocket. If you’d like to sell your car, you may find yourself wondering how to sell it quickly while also getting the best value. CARFAX has put together a list of 10 steps which may help you through the process, as well as a checklist that can be used to make sure you don’t miss anything. ... » read more