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CARFAX was again featured in a second episode on the Dutch TV show “Opgelicht?!”, which reports on malicious crimes and frauds throughout Europe. In the first episode, Opgelicht investigated the topic of mileage fraud, using CARFAX Vehicle History Reports to prove cross-border mileage fraud between a Dutch and Swedish dealer, with an investigation into the Dutch dealer.

Now Opgelicht?! has come back with a second episode to investigate further into the Swedish dealer and the future of mileage fraud throughout Europe. In the first episode, “Opgelicht?!” used the CARFAX Vehicle History Report to prove cross-border mileage fraud committed by a Dutch and Swedish dealer. The Dutch dealer would buy 90% of his inventory of used cars from the Swedish dealer for over the asking price, while the Swedish dealer would then give the Dutch dealer the used cars – with rollback on mileage! In result, customers of the Dutch dealer were then unknowingly paying higher prices than the true value of the used cars, while lower-mileage was being falsely reported.

The Opgelicht?! second episode on mileage fraud investigates even further the Swedish dealer's involvement as well as the future outlook for used car buyers protection in both Sweden and The Netherlands and later informs consumers a CARFAX free check can assist them in checking a used car before buying.


CARFAX Protects Used Car Buyers

CARFAX Vehicle History Reports helped to prove the mileage inconsistencies on the cars in question on "Opgelicht?!", bringing to light the mileage fraud problem in Sweden and other European countries. It has now been announced legal prosecution will be taken with the Swedish dealer investigated, which is great news for used car buyers in Sweden. The Vehicle History Reports have protected used car buyers from a fraudulent dealer by exposing their mileage inconsistencies in reports.

Did you know CARFAX has helped reduce mileage fraud in Sweden by nearly 60% since 2010? It is the CARFAX mission to make the used car market a safer place. There are unfortunately still used cars on the market with falsely recorded mileage, meaning it is very important to protect yourself with a CARFAX Vehicle History report before buying.

The Future of Mileage Fraud

CARFAX works hard to protect consumers from issues like mileage fraud through Vehicle History Reports, exposing fraudsters in Opgelicht brings to light the severity of this problem in Europe. What does the future look like for used car buyers? CARFAX is taking actions to protect consumers, and others are beginning to join the mission as well. Sweden begins to make movement on a possible bill to make it illegal to falsify odometer numbers. Currently, it is still legal to commit mileage fraud under certain circumstances in Sweden.

Meanwhile, in the Netherlands, RDW, the agency that gives registration and drivers license for motor vehicles, announces they will start using diagnosis-tools that can assist in tracing mileage fraud by connecting to vehicle board computers. As of now, this tool is not 100% accurate, but it will be a step in the right direction to combat mileage fraud. This technology alongside a Vehicle History Report can help protect Dutch consumers from making a costly purchase.

This still leaves many consumers across Europe wondering what protection they have against false mileage fraud. Opgelicht?! has informed consumers that they have two options to check the history of a vehicle - a CARFAX free check and a CARFAX Vehicle History Report.


Vehicle History Reports provide protection

Regardless of what country you live in, cross-border mileage fraud is a problem that you can become a victim of when buying a used car. While some countries are beginning to address the problems of mileage fraud, today mileage fraud is still widespread and easy for fraudsters to commit. It is easy to become a victim of mileage fraud if you don't investigate the history of a used car.

As Opgelicht?! informed consumers, there are two options to check the history of your car - a CARFAX free check and a CARFAX Vehicle History Reports. CARFAX Vehicle History Reports provide transparent vehicle history to assist you in making a confident decision before buying. A Vehicle History Report will check a vehicle for:

  • Mileage Records
  • Mileage Inconsistencies
  • Mileage Rollback

The best way to protect yourself from becoming a victim of mileage fraud is to know the history of a vehicle before buying. You can avoid hidden risks and costs by starting with a free check today.