CARFAX now provides Polish data

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CARFAX Europe has provided trusted vehicle information that makes the used car market safer for used car shoppers in Poland for over ten years. With over 23 billion data records on used cars throughout America and Europe, CARFAX Europe now expands to include local Polish data – adding another layer of protection to used car buyers. Now you can gain access to a Vehicle History Report with American, European, and local Polish data to assist in protecting yourself and making a safe purchase.


Did you know there are 20 million cars in Poland - 55% of which are imported? On top of that, 50% of imports are over 10 years old and carry a long history. Any used car has the potential for hidden risk factors – risks you cannot see without a detailed history investigation. No car should be bought without investigating its full history first. You can now minimize your risk and maximize your ability to make a smart decision with the assistance of a Vehicle History Report, that can including local Polish data when available, before buying.

Free reports might be better for your wallet now – but not in the long run. With a free report, you do not get all the available information for a vehicle. Deciding to buy now based on limited information available in a free report means deciding to cover the cost for a vehicle’s hidden risks later. Only CARFAX reports bring you over 100,000 data sources from the US and Euurope, including Poland, with valuable data from verified partners such as government offices, law enforcement, repair shops, dealerships, and insurance companies. Buy a used car with confidence knowing you checked all the available records reported to CARFAX with a Vehicle History Report.


Used cars can carry hidden risks, and hidden risks can be expensive. About 64% of used cars in Poland come from Germany – and it’s estimated 1/3 of used cars in Germany have been subject to mileage fraud. CARFAX Vehicle History reports recently assisted in catching cross-border mileage scammers in Europe on public television, protecting used car buyers from making costly investments. You can read more about CARFAX’s involvement in catching mileage scammers here. A Vehicle History Report can alert you to risks, such as mileage fraud, and other costly car histories. Your Vehicle History Report can include valuable information on risk factors found from our American, European, and Polish databases, depending on the car's history, such as:

  • Airbag Activation
  • Scrapping
  • VIN Cloning
  • Accidents and Damage
  • Stolen Car Records
  • Salvation Titles
  • Mileage Fraud
  • Reasons for de-registration

Vehicle History Reports for vehicles from Poland can also contain exclusive data on the reasons for de-registration, which can help you indicate if the car was previously scrapped or stolen.

*Source: ADAC