Vehicle History Report Stops Mileage Scammers in Their Tracks

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CARFAX was featured on the Dutch tv show “Opgelicht?!”, which reports on malicious crimes and frauds happening now in Europe. While investigating on the topic of mileage fraud, “Opgelicht?!” used the CARFAX Vehicle History Report to prove cross-border mileage fraud committed by a Dutch and Swedish dealer. The Dutch dealer would buy 90% of his inventory of used cars from the Swedish dealer at slightly over the original asking price. This extra money was used as “hush money” that the Swedish dealer directly pocketed for oneself. In exchange for the extra money, the Swedish dealer would then give the Dutch dealer the used cars – with rollback on mileage! At the cross-border transfer, the mileage on the used cars was rolled back and absolutely no mileage was inserted on the invoices. Customers of the Dutch dealer were then unknowingly paying higher prices than the true value of the used cars, while lower-mileage was being falsely reported.


To prove mileage fraud, Opgelicht needed credible proof. That’s where the CARFAX Vehicle History Report was used to catch the criminals. By simply using the Swedish VIN number on cars suspected to have rollback, the CARFAX Vehicle History Report could easily find the previous mileage history for each vehicle within seconds. This is because any mileage records, mileage inconsistencies, rollback, and odometer issues for a car are all clearly and transparently displayed in a Vehicle History Report. Each Vehicle History Report displayed the last recorded mileage in Sweden – which was much higher than the newly recorded mileage in The Netherlands! Thanks to the Vehicle History Report, CARFAX was able to expose the dealers and protect used-car buyers from becoming victims of cross-border mileage fraud. CARFAX can assist in protecting you from risky issues, like mileage fraud, starting with a free check.

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You can watch the full “Opgelicht?!” video here.

Consequences of Buying Used Cars with Mileage Fraud

• Overpaying for a vehicle

• Negative impact on the car’s current value

• Issues with car functionality and durability

• Costly maintenance problems requiring immediate attention

• Unexpected maintenance problems in the future

• Public road safety and driver safety concerns

• The need for possible legal assistance

• Time and money!

Avoid Fraud with the Help of CARFAX

You can always avoid hidden problems, like mileage fraud, with a transparent and reliable CARFAX Vehicle History Report. The report can protect you from making a risky and costly purchase by providing valuable information about a car’s history. The Vehicle History Report will include:

• Mileage records

• Mileage inconsistencies

• Mileage Rollback

• Additional odometer issues


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