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Bentley Motors is a British automaker founded in 1919 and acquired by Rolls-Royce which was in turn acquired by Volkswagen AG. Throughout its history, Bentley has been associated with high-end, estate-style luxury vehicles that are almost entirely hand-built, often to order. The company currently produces three vehicles, including the Continental GT sports car, the Continental Flying Spur sedan and the Mulsanne estate saloon. Currently, Bentley is the number 1 luxury car maker with a market share of 25%. That means that one out of 4 cars that are sold above €150,000 is a Bentley.

Sales statistics Bentley

bentley statistics

Currently, Bentley produces about 10,000 vehicles annually with sales generally meeting production. About a third of those vehicles are sold throughout the Americas, about 2,000 are sold in China, and the rest are split nearly evenly between Europe, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East. The Continental GT accounts for about 6,000 of the company's total production units and the bulk of the company's sales. If we look at the global sales, we see that exports account for 86% of Bentley’s yearly turnover. In 2013, the company grew its sales by almost 20% compared to the previous year with 10,120 cars on delivery.

There are also Bentley’s that are imported from the U.S. to Europe. Since 1992, this number has been 1,291. 

There are 86 Bentley vehicles that were imported from the U.S. that have a salvage history. Basically, that denotes that the vehicle was issued a salvage title. Consequently, the vehicle was exported to Europe. Read more about the meaning of a salvage title here.

For Bentley vehicles there are fortunately only 5 vehicles with a mileage inconsistency reported to CARFAX. Mileage inconsistency can hide the true value of a vehicle and therewith potential functionality and reparations or services.

There are a few states in the U.S. in which weather conditions play an important role, also in the used car industry. These cars may have been exposed to rough weather conditions and may have been flooded as 11 other Bentley cars have. These cars were exported to Europe after. To uncover the history of a car, check with CARFAX.