An Incredible Meeting: A Woman Meets Two Giant Wolves

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Commuting to work on an ordinary morning is not something that many of us associate with much excitement. However, for a woman in Canada the way to work became a real adventure.

At first, merely two black shadows appeared at the end of the road. The woman's first thought was that there were a few people around and thought nothing of it. As she approached the area in her car, she quickly picked up her mobile phone to film what she could hardly believe with her own eyes - two big black wolves who, like a scene taken directly from the 'Game of Thrones', ran along the highway. Wild animals do emerge on the roads in Canada, but seeing wolves is still unusual.

Wolf on the road highlight

Filming with fear

When the woman approached the wolves closer in her vehicle, the fear began to set in. She found that the wolves ran at a speed over 40 km / h! When she saw the size of their heads and teeth, she admitted that she was getting scared, even in the safety of her car. Regardless of the fear, she took the video clip to later show children and colleagues at the school where she works, who were also fascinated by her encounter with wolves.

See the video clip below!