CARFAX Europe Glossary - Explanation of Terminology Used

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Scrapped Vehicle

A vehicle that has been reported to have been dismantled and/ or crushed and taken to the scrap yard.

Salvage Title

This is a certificate issued in the United States on a vehicle that was damaged to the extent that the cost of repairing the vehicle exceeded 75% of its pre-damage value, although this damage threshold may vary by individual state. Most states use this title to indicate that a vehicle is not roadworthy and cannot be titled in that state again, and may result in the vehicle being scrapped. The following eleven states also use Salvage titles to identify stolen vehicles - AZ, FL, GA, IL, MD, MN, NJ, NM, NY, OK and OR.

Rental Vehicle

A rental vehicle is a car that currently is, or was in the past, registered by a car rental agency. Many vehicles on European roads, particularly US imports, have been used as rental cars, after which they were sold to private car owners and/or exported to Europe. Many times, this type of information is not disclosed to the buyer before the purchase is completed. CARFAX therefore always recommends that used car shoppers inquire as to the type of vehicle use from the seller and verify the information with a CARFAX Vehicle History Report.

Private Vehicle

“Private vehicle” is a designation given to a car that is registered for personal use. Vehicles that are sold by private sellers and dealers are often such vehicles. However, research into the history of a used car might uncover that it was previously used as a commercial vehicle. Such a vehicle could have even been used as a rental car or taxi.

One Owner Vehicle

A one-owner car is a vehicle that has had only one previous registered owner that actually used the car for their personal use. These cars are in high demand and command premium prices because many people believe that a single ownership is desirable and that the car has been better taken care of than vehicles that have had multiple ownerships or that were used commercially.

New Owner Registered

When a vehicle is sold to a new owner, the registration must be transferred to the new owner(s) at your local road authorities.

Model Year

This term is defined by the manufacturer but it is typically the year the vehicle is built. If the model year does not appear on the CARFAX report, it is because the manufacturer did not include this information in the VIN. Model year can normally be determined by the vehicle age.

Mileage reported (last)

The number of kilometers displayed on the odometer at a certain time. CARFAX usually reports on the last odometer reading to display the vehicle’s latest mileage.

Mileage Inconsistency

A mileage inconsistency occurs when there is a more recent odometer reading that has less mileage than an older odometer reading. This discrepancy could be the result of a rollback or a clerical error. The mileage should be verified by an inspection from a qualified mechanic.

Lemon Law Vehicle

A vehicle in the U.S. with major problems that has been repurchased by or had its price renegotiated with the manufacturer. The state marks its official records or issues a title brand for lemon law vehicles. Laws vary by state as to the specific requirements for a "lemon". Most manufacturers issue some buybacks that are not the result of Lemon Laws but rather a courtesy.