CARFAX Europe Glossary - Explanation of Terminology Used

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Lease vehicle

When a person leases a car from a dealer, the dealer very often sells the car to a leasing company. A leasing company can be an independent leasing company or part of a car manufacturer. The leasing company then leases the vehicle to the individual or to a company.

Junk Title

This is a certificate issued in the United States on a vehicle that was damaged to the extent that the cost of repairing the vehicle exceeded 75% of its pre-damage value, although this damage threshold may vary by individual state. Most states use this title to indicate that a vehicle is not roadworthy and cannot be titled again.


Every car must pass mandatory periodic examinations to ensure compliance with roadworthiness, emissions and safety requirements. If any of these inspections disclose information about the vehicle that affects the mobility, functionality or quality that is required for road usage, the car needs to get necessary service and repair. Even though cars often get inspections, it is important to know what the inspections disclosed. Therefore, we recommend used car shoppers to ask dealers about the contents of the inspection or service and maintenance records.

Information Source

CARFAX receives data from thousands of data sources. The information source refers to the provider of the information

Imported Vehicle

An imported vehicle is one that has been imported from another country. It is especially important to research the history of imported vehicles as their records are often difficult to find or to understand. Cars exported from the U.S. often have had problems overseas. In the case of U.S. vehicles in Europe, for example, CARFAX has determined that about 60% of these vehicles have some type of negative history. Buyers are not always aware of the problems their imported vehicle had prior to being exported.

Government vehicle

This indicates registration for government use

Flood Damage Title

States issue flood titles when a vehicle has been in a flood or has received extensive water damage.

Fire Damage

CARFAX receives information on vehicle fires from most U.S. jurisdictions. These events are taken from the actual fire department reports compiled at the scene.

Export vehicle

An exported vehicle is one that has been exported from one country and imported into another country. Many cars are exported from the U.S. to Europe. The cost of exporting a used vehicle can make it more expensive than vehicles manufactured domestically.

Date Reported

The phrase “date reported” typically refers to the date a specific incident occurred and was documented. Such events can include sale of the used car, repairs, theft, service or maintenance, etc... Since these events are summarized and documented carefully into the CARFAX Vehicle History Report, customers are able to see when an event happened by looking at the date it was reported. While there may be a minor gap between the date an event was reported and the actual event, this is seldom the case. The CARFAX Vehicle History Report lists events in order by date reported.