CARFAX Europe Glossary - Average Mileage

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Average Mileage

Just like there are many different types of vehicles on the road, there are also many different types of drivers. Some of them use their vehicles infrequently, while others use their vehicles all day, every day. This variation in vehicle usage can be measured through the mileage which is put on a vehicle’s odometer. Vehicle mileage is one of the top determining factors which can “age” a vehicle. While there is no indication whether a vehicle’s mileage was accumulated while driving in a city or on a highway, there is other information which can be assumed.

For example, vehicles which have been used commercially tend to have much higher mileage, due to the fact they are being used for work purposes. This does not automatically mean a vehicle with a higher than average mileage was used for non-personal reasons. But when this information is known, in conjunction with other helpful records found on the CARFAX Vehicle History Report, potential buyers can begin piecing together a fuller picture about the vehicle’s past. This is helpful in determining whether or not a buyer really wants to purchase it.

Here is how the Average Mileage listed on the CARFAX Report works: This number is not the actual odometer reading for this car. Rather, it is an estimate of how many kilometers an average car of this make, model, fuel type and age would be expected to have if used solely for personal use. When comparing this number to the actual mileage for this particular car, it will indicate if it has been driven more or less than average and may be a factor to help you determine its value. By checking the CARFAX Vehicle History Report, buyers can learn this information and much more, which in turn can help you make better purchase decisions.