CARFAX Europe Glossary - Imported Vehicles from the USA

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Imported cars from USA

The United States has exported near 2 million units of cars in 2013. Traditionally, the United States was an importer of vehicles, but since the interest in US cars rose sharply in the last couple of years the tables slowly seem to turn. Since there is a high demand for certain U.S. makes in Europe, it may not be so surprising that more than half of all cars exported from the US are made by GM, Ford and Chrysler.  Interesting detail, however, is that a study of CARFAX Europe revealed that more than 60% of all cars exported from the United States to Europe have a negative history.

CARFAX is the world’s largest provider of trusted Vehicle History Reports and conducts researches on a periodic basis. By working closely together with international ministries, governmental officials, insurance companies and trusted dealers, CARFAX is able to uncover the unique Vehicle History of many vehicles on European roads and all vehicles imported from the USA. ‘’A negative history’’ sounds broad, and so it is. It may include a car that was stolen, scrapped, was issued a salvage title, performed mileage rollback, had serious exterior or interior damage plus reparations, an excessive amount of owners and much more. The Vehicle History basically reveals whether a vehicle is trustworthy or not based on its past. Of course, there is always a basic risk involved with the purchase of a used vehicle, especially with an imported one, but CARFAX believes this risk can be minimized.

CARFAX Europe has determined that of all cars imported from the United States to Europe – About 60% have such a negative history. Consequently, this leads to many distressing purchases per year for unsuspecting customers. It often raises questions of how they could have been tricked into buying a car without having been able to see the alarming signs on the surface. CARFAX enables consumers to protect themselves against worrying investments and therefore, usually to save much invested money.
If you buy a car that was imported from the US, don’t forget to check the CARFAX report. There are many reasons why CARFAX. It may save you from a dreadful investment and a great deal of financial headaches.