CARFAX Europe Glossary - Loan Reported

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Loan Reported

These days, it’s possible to finance the purchase of just about anything. After buying a house or apartment, the purchasing of vehicles is the number one reason many people take out loans. In many cases, buying a vehicle is a big investment, and not everyone has the cash on hand to buy a car outright. Or even if they do, sometimes people choose to finance a vehicle anyways. Nevertheless, when buying a used car, it’s important to inform yourself about the financial history of the vehicle. This can help protect yourself from potential problems after completing the purchase.

Here are a few examples of what can happen in a vehicle’s financial history: In some cases, there are vehicles which have been repossessed due to unpaid loan payments. In other cases, the vehicles are sold with the loan remaining unresolved. It’s not always the case, but sometimes this can have negative repercussions for the new owner. For example, if a vehicle is sold without the loan being paid off or resolved, the bank may be able to confiscate the vehicle if they still hold the title. Thus leaving the buyer in a bad situation – money paid and no car to show for it.

Checking the CARFAX Vehicle History Report can help potential used car buyers to avoid this unpleasant situation. If the vehicle in question contains a reference to a loan in its history, buyers are made aware. This allows you to open a dialogue with the seller, dealership, and or bank, to ensure there are no open financial issues you need to be worried about. It’s always recommended before buying a car to check the CARFAX Report and verify that if there is a loan reported, it has been fully resolved. When done in advance, this small, simple step can help save you from a big headache later.