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Vehicle History

Used cars often have a negative history. A history of that might include mileage rollback, car theft, salvage titles or scrapping that any consumer would prefer to avoid at all cost. In case of such a history, consumers often lose significant amounts of money due to expensive reparations and inspections, not to mention the over-pay on the vehicle and overestimation of the residual value. The Vehicle History is a term coined by CARFAX to describe the fact that every vehicle on this planet has its own and unique experience and history, similar to a CV or Resume. What many consumers don’t know, however, is that this history is open and obtainable through a CARFAX Vehicle History Report.

CARFAX Vehicle Reports are unique comprehensive reports that are based on all information that is available or delivered to a particular car. By checking the Vehicle History, consumers are not only able to protect themselves from awful investments, but can also save significant amounts of time by only scheduling visits for cars with a solid and trustworthy history.

What is exactly included in the Vehicle History? This partially depends on the type of life the vehicle had. CARFAX, however, collects information about reparations based on service and inspection records. These may include scratches, interior or exterior damage that was repaired, non-functioning body parts that were recorded by auto repair shops. Further, consumers can find out whether a car was scrapped, imported or exported, stolen, repaired or regularly inspected, had an excessive amount of owners, performed mileage rollback or shows any other signs of mileage inconsistency.

CARFAX is the world’s largest and most trusted provider of Vehicle History Reports and works together with international ministries, government officials, insurances and private dealers.  In order to make the Vehicle History Reports thorough and complete, CARFAX works closely together with independent dealers who can increase their own transparency towards consumers, but also with insurance companies that allow CARFAX to provide consumers with previously unexplored information regarding a used vehicle.

So how do we do it exactly? Every vehicle in the automotive industry has a unique VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). All basic events that the car experiences throughout its lifecycle are recorded to its specific and unique VIN.