CARFAX Europe Glossary - Using the VIN Check to Learn More

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Vin Check

A ‘’VIN Check’’ is basically a background check for used vehicles in the automotive industry. But what is a VIN? VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number and is the unique serial number for every vehicle on the road since 1981. The VIN is used to describe the unique facts and details of a vehicle such as color, make, date of registration etc... By a concept called VIN Decoding, consumers are able to uncover large amounts of information regarding the vehicle of their interest. Even when the car has entered the roads, the VIN can still be of exceptional use. The VIN is normally recorded during inspections and reparations and is therefore obtainable through service and inspection records. Whenever a vehicle was involved in an accident, performed odometer rollback, got scrapped, was issued a salvage title, was stolen, imported or exported, or, simply sold - it is recorded to the unique VIN of the vehicle. Consequently, the VIN is of great importance to insurance companies, ministries, governmental police forces and individual customers of used vehicles. Insurance companies may not insure a car that was a total loss; police forces may claim a car that was reported stolen; and consumers will most likely avoid a car that performed odometer rollback.

Consumers can now take a peek into the history and life track of a vehicle by Vehicle History Reports. The background check for used vehicles is similar to the Curriculum Vitae of a vehicle. The only thing you need is the VIN of the vehicle of your interest. The service and inspection records based on the car’s VIN are available through CARFAX Europe. CARFAX currently offers Vehicle History Reports for Sweden, Spain, Norway and Slovenia with more European countries to follow in the near future.

CARFAX collects all information regarding the vehicle and summarizes it in a comprehensive and unique report that is different for every car. A VIN check is therefore similar to an identity check. If you want to check the VIN of your car, or of the one that you plan to buy, we recommend you to purchase or request a CARFAX Vehicle History Report. These contain all records that were reported to CARFAX regarding the vehicle. CARFAX is the world’s largest provider of Used Vehicle Reports and works together with official governmental organizations to increase customer safety and vehicle transparency.