CARFAX Europe customer story: Global Logistic Group

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Whether by air, sea or land, the Global Logistic Group based in Geestland near Bremerhaven, Germany is an expert in worldwide vehicle transportation. For more than ten years, the company has relied on CARFAX' Vehicle Gistory Reports for car transports from the USA to Europe. In this interview, CEO Christian Reyer explains why the Global Logistic Group relies on CARFAX.

Hello Mr. Reyer, please feel free to introduce yourself and the Global Logistic Group.Christian Reyer-GLG

My name is Christian Reyer, I am the Managing Director of the Global Logistic Group based in Geestland, in the north of Germany near the overseas port of Bremerhaven. Our core business is the import of used cars from the USA. We are passionate about this service which we stand behind unconditionally. Our service is built on honesty, transparency and reliability: that is why 90 percent of our customers are repeat customers.

Why the focus on vehicle logistics?

When we started many years ago, there was a huge boom in vehicle logistics, especially in terms of used cars imported from the USA, specifically classic cars. Due to the exchange rate, many younger vehicles also offered an interesting price advantage to the German market and thus the opportunity for bargains increased. Since the processing and procedure of modern cars is similar to that of classic car imports, we were able to successively expand this line of business. In addition, more and more customers asked for a door-to-door offer, which we were able to serve reliably.

How should customers prepare themselves and their vehicle for overseas vehicle transport?

In general, it is useful to get basic information about costs, fees, procedures and duration of a used import in common forums or in Facebook groups. However, please be aware that many forums contain information from the years 2008 or 2012, and the prices and procedures are of course no longer up to date. Moreover, there is rarely little technical and factual reporting, but often a personal opinion is given. 

When did you first hear about CARFAX?

This should have been around 2008 or 2009, as we have been using CARFAX vehicle histories internally and for our customers since 2009. 

How does GLG use CARFAX in its daily work?

Customers want security, especially if they cannot see and touch the vehicle live at the dealer. CARFAX offers an inexpensive and quick way to check the vehicle in advance before a thorough inspection has to be ordered for several hundred dollars. Since transparency and safety are very important to us, we advise our customers to take a look at the CARFAX vehicle history report before an inspection. 

What is, in your eyes, the biggest advantage of CARFAX vehicle history reports?

CARFAX vehicle history reports provide a simple and easy-to-understand presentation of information about the vehicle itself. The customer does not need to be a mechanic to understand whether a vehicle has hidden defects or has been described honestly by the seller.

Dodge Ram

Why do you think more private and commercial customers should use CARFAX?

Accidents or damage are often not listed in the sales advertisement. In the aftermath, this can not only be a nuisance, but also cause high costs and reduced driving safety. CARFAX is a really easy way for both private and business customers to do a quick history check on the used car. Ideally, this will help them to protect themselves from buying an inferior used car.

Can you give us an example of how CARFAX has directly influenced your work?

Especially in terms of bargains, customers sometimes become careless. We have already had several customers who were so dazzled by a low price that they didn’t even think of checking the vehicle in advance, at least with a CARFAX report. Afterwards they learned why the vehicle was so cheap.

What was the most unsual or memorable delivery order to date?

A customer wanted to have a certain Ferrari in Hongkong at all costs one week after purchase in order to participate in a race. This air freight order was also a highlight for us, albeit a very challenging one. We were able to fulfil the customer's request despite the high pressure.

Do you buy vehicles in the USA yourself? Do you use CARFAX?

Even though we are not vehicle dealers, we have already imported about 10 - 15 vehicles ourselves. Whether classic cars, young-timers or modern used cars, we take a look at the CARFAX vehicle history for each vehicle before buying it.

How do you think we can make our vehicle histories even better?

As Managing Director of the Global Logistic Group and a private fan of American cars, I can say with conviction that, in my opinion, nothing needs to be improved in terms of history. I think that the neutral and transparent delivery of information, as it is now, should remain the same. The data situation of the vehicles has always been very extensive.