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(MUNICH, December 14th 2020) CARFAX used car histories have been available in Poland since 2019 and the CVs of hundreds of thousands of vehicles have already been reviewed by Polish users. Time for CARFAX to take a look at the statistics and see what kind of vehicles Polish users have looked at.

According to the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA), the average age of Polish cars is 13.9 years, more than three years above the European average. At CARFAX, 17% of the vehicles checked by users were in this age segment. The "most popular" age group for Polish used cars was 3-5 year old - every fifth used car fell within was called age range. 

The number of vehicle histories for younger and older used cars is roughly equal. 36.5 % of the used car histories belonged to vehicles in the age range of 3-8 years, 34.3 % to vehicles registered since 9-14 years. Still, at least one in every tenth vehicle history belonged in the 15-20+ year old category.

Used cars distribuition by age - Chart

Every second vehicle was imported

Particularly exciting is a look at the breakdown of imported vehicles in these respective age groups. Here we see: the older the car, the more likely it is that it has been imported. Just 4.4% of the young used cars aged 3-5 years were imported vehicles. In contrast, more than one in five cars (22.6 %) aged 9-14 years is an imported vehicle to Poland, and only 11.6 % were originally registered in Poland.

When compared  to the Polish vehicle population of around 24 million vehicles, the picture gets interesting. According to this, almost every second car, more than 11.4 million vehicles in total, is an imported vehicle. Cars between 9 and 20+ years of age make up the largest share of imported vehicles - more than 8.3 million vehicles from around 12 million vehicles in this age range are imported. This would correspond to a share of 70 % of all vehicles in this age group!

Used cars distribuition by age (Import and Locals) - Chart

Extrapolation of import vehicles - Germany dominates as market and brands

Most import vehicles come, and this is no surprise, from Germany. Almost 47% of all imported used cars come from the neighboring country. France (12.4 %), Belgium (7.0 %) and the USA (6.7 %) follow at a large distance as other important import countries.

Top 10 export countries - Chart

The three most popular import brands also come from Germany: VW (9.3%) and the premium brands Audi (9.1%) and BMW (9.0%) share the podium with almost identical shares.

Top imported vehicles by make - Chart

The most popular local market leaders are vehicles from Skoda (9.0 %), Toyota (8.7 %) and VW (8.3 %).

Top local vehicles by make - Chart

Vehicles with cheap new prices the Polish like to buy in their own country. Premium brands on the other hand, such as Audi and BMW, are usually significantly cheaper as imports and therefore far ahead in the statistics.

Overall, it can be said that Poland's car landscape is split into two parts. Almost exactly half of all vehicles in Poland are in the age groups 0-8 years and 9-20+ years. Moreover, almost every second vehicle is an imported vehicle. Overall, around one in four vehicles are imported from Germany. So the older the vehicle, the more likely it is that it has been imported and, when in doubt, the vehicle comes from Germany. This is how concise and accurate the Polish vehicle population can be described.

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