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CARFAX Vehicle History Reports contain information that might affect your decision about whether or not to buy a used vehicle or how much you might want to pay. Avoid being a victim of fraud by unknowingly purchasing a car that has been stolen, scrapped or involved in a severe accident and then refurbished and re-sold without any disclosure. Use this report as one important tool, along with a vehicle inspection and a test drive, to make a better decision about your next used car.

CARFAX compiles the CARFAX Vehicle History Reports from information we receive from thousands of sources. We gather the information from municipalities, workshops, car dealers, insurance and other companies.

The CARFAX Database contains billions of records from thousands of data sources, for cars and light trucks manufactured for the U.S. and Canadian market since 1981, when the 17-character VIN was standardized. CARFAX does not specialize in providing data for any other vehicle types like heavy trucks, RVs, or motorcycles.

CARFAX reports are only available in English at the moment. 

Our services do not include photos of the vehicle. We recommend to contact the data source displayed in your report to receive pictures from your car.

CARFAX cannot provide these data because it is a private information and as such protected by the Data Protection Law.

CARFAX collects data from various sources and compiles them into a Vehicle History Report. In order to stay neutral, we do not accept requests to modify the source data. However, CARFAX makes efforts to update Vehicle History Reports following the source’s data changes. Please contact our Customer Support team via email to support@carfax.eu providing details and proofs about the information you would like to change or update.

CARFAX is not a certified provider of legal advice nor offers legal assistance. The CARFAX Vehicle History Report can be used by a legal representative to assess your initial claim, however if you wish to use the report as evidence in court, we recommend to seek independent counsel by a certified legal practitioner.

We do everything in our power to guarantee your safety when paying as well as when handling your personal details. Therefore, we use CARFAX Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which is encrypting all your personal details. CARFAX has its own internal security system and is regularly performing safety checks. Our webpage is approved by VeriSign. The VeriSign TrustTM logotype is approving our identity and guaranteeing that our webpage has passed the VeriSign Malware Scan.

We accept all main credit cards and PayPal payments. Moreover, for some specific countries we also offer ad hoc local payment methods. Follow the purchase process instructions to choose your preferred payment method.

Our package has a validity of 1 year during which you can pull any of the credit left. Each report will be available any time in your account, however only for 30 days, and you will be able to see the expiration date of every single report in the “My Account” section. Vehicle Report packages are valid for 1 year. You can visit our website at any time during that year to redeem your remaining reports.

Please type the 17-digit VIN in the dedicated VIN entry field. If history records are found, please choose the package you would like to buy. The system will then guide you through the rest of the purchase process: you will have to enter your email to create your CARFAX account and as last step select your preferred payment method. After the completion of the purchase process, you will have instant access to the CARFAX report for the selected vehicle and a link to the report will be sent to you via email. You will also receive a Welcome Email with the details of the purchase, the payment receipt and a link to set your own password for CARFAX account.

Please make sure you have typed a correct 17-digit VIN. If the VIN is correct and you are not able to access the CARFAX report nor any data, it could be that the vehicle has never been in the US and therefore there is no history about it. If you are searching for a European VIN, please check the following websites: 

  • carfax.es for vehicles registered in Spain and Europe
  • carfax.se for vehicles registered in Sweden and Europe
  • carfax.nl for vehicles registered in the Netherlands and Europe
  • carfax.eu/pl for vehicles registered in Poland and Europe
  • carfax.eu/sl for vehicles registered in Poland and Slovenia

If you still cannot get any CARFAX report for your VIN, it could be that the vehicle is registered in a country where CARFAX is not operating and is not receiving detailed information yet due to highly restrictive privacy protection laws.

We promise to be trustworthy by offering you a vehicle history report that can help you make better purchase decisions for your next used car. If you are not completely satisfied with your Report, we will be happy to offer you a replacement of your CARFAX History Report or a full refund of your money.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your CARFAX Vehicle History Report, you can ask for a full refund within 14 days after your purchase. Please contact our Customer Service throughsupport@carfax.eu and we will be happy to help you further.

Your refund request will be analyzed within 1 working day after you have sent it to our Customer Service. The refund will be processed via the same payment method used for the initial transaction and it could take up to few days to get the money reimbursed.

CARFAX is not a certified provider of legal advice nor does it offer legal assistance however we work with a partner firm specializing in fraud cases in the used car market who are happy to carry out a free initial consultation to discuss your case and possible legal options in more detail.

If you have accidently written the wrong e-mail address, we can help you just contact us via our contact form.

CARFAX offers free customer service for all our customers. If you wish to contact us in writing simply complete our contact form and let us know your concern.



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