Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo

CARFAX Risk Factor Statistics for Alfa Romeo (US imports)

Salvage Title
Total loss
Mileage inconsistency

766 Alfa Romeos were imported from the US to Europe since 1992.  Most of them were imported to Belgium (28%), Germany (21%), Netherlands (20%) and Great Britain (10%). The most frequented exported Alfa Romeo model from the US is the Alfa Romeo Spider, followed by the Alfa Romeo 164.

Cars that were imported from the United States may sometimes have a different history than is expected. One of the forms of vehicle history that often goes undetected is a car with a salvage title. There are currently 40 Alfa Romeo vehicles in Europe with such a title. A salvage title is issued a car was so severely damaged that the cost of repairing exceeds 75% of the pre-damage value or the entire residual value of the vehicle. Some of these cars, however, make it back for a second lifetime on European roads where their owners may not know about their accident or salvage history. That’s why checking with CARFAX for used US imports is always useful to gain confidence in purchase. 

Another risk factor for Alfa Romeos from the US is any type of accident. Although the extent to which these cars were damaged isn’t always recorded, consumers who find out about such history are much more able to ask direct questions to the seller about the history of the vehicle. There are 31 U.S. exported Alfa Romeo’s in Europe that have had a history of accidents. Knowing about accidents may help you negotiate on price, but can also help you estimate the value of the vehicle more accurately.

Many cars in the U.S., especially along states bordering the coast, have been exposed to extreme weather conditions during their lifetime. Some of these cars have even been flooded. In Europe, there are now a total of 6 Alfa Romeos with a flood history. What happened exactly to these cars is many times unknown.  Used car buyers should however be aware of such history as it may affect the functionality or value of the vehicle sooner rather than later.