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The German mobile manufacturer and designer of luxury cars that is known for its slogan ‘’Vorsprung durch Technik’’, meaning ‘’advancement through technology’’, has been a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group since 1966. Ever since, the company has been growing and is mostly famous for its sporty design, excellent quality and long lifecycle of cars. In 2013, the company even managed to achieve its best first half year sales in the company history, which essentially confirms the positive image Audi has managed to retain over the last years.

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Although the company Audi is German, most Audi’s are actually sold in China, which may not be so surprising when one realizes that the demand for luxury cars in China rises steadily and the country counts 16,5 times the amount of people compared to Germany. Though Audi manages to grow into new markets such as China and India, the Volkswagen Group confirmed that the financial crisis certainly did affect the amount of sales made in Europe, which has resulted in a decrease of sales in for example Germany, France and Italy in 2012 and 2013. In contrast, the fast growing markets of India and China both reached almost +20%. In Europe, people seem less willing to make costly long term investments in times of uncertainty. In the United States, Audi underwent strong growth (+25%) in the first half year of 2014. Sales reached up to 67,482 units, giving Audi an ever stronger market presence. Although Europe declines, used Audi vehicles are also exported from the U.S. to Europe.

So far, since 1992 there have been at least 26,917 used Audi’s imported to Europe, of which most were the Audi A4. The Audi A4 has been exported from the U.S. at least 3x as many times as the second most Audi model.

Cars with salvage titles are obviously a risk factor for any used car buyer. Why does the car have a history that contains a salvage title, and when it does, how come it’s still functioning? Salvage titles itself infer that the car was severely damaged, even so much that the insurance company decided it wasn’t worth reinvesting. A car with a history of a salvage title that somehow still functions can be then due to two reasons. Either the car was repaired illegally and shipped to Europe where its history remains hidden and sealed and the car was sold for a much higher price than its value. Or, the car’s VIN was stolen and transferred to another vehicle. In any case, it’s always helpful to check the history of the car. There are at least 9,389 U.S. import Audi cars that were imported to Europe with an outstanding salvage title.

Airbag deployment refers to cars that have been in some sort of (near) collision in which the airbag unfolded. It’s a CARFAX Risk Factor, as CARFAX has detected that many cars that are exported from the U.S. to Europe don’t always comply with regulations and safety standards. Many cars are being repaired at the cheapest possible cost, making recoveries for airbag deployment often subject to inaccurate or unprofessional work. When an airbag is not functioning properly, obviously the passenger is at risk. There are at least 1,584 Audi cars that have come from the U.S. with a history of airbag deployment. If your car is one of those, we recommend you to make a thorough check to confirm safety and functionality.

Cars that come from the U.S. may have been flooded in the past. This is because in the United States, extreme weather conditions may cause cars to be affected by increased water levels and damage. So far, at least 709 have been registered with CARFAX as being exported to Europe with a history of flood damage. Read more about flood damage here.

Audi A4

Since 1992 over 12.000 Audi A4 were imported from the U.S. to Europe. More than 60 % of all American Audi A4 Imports have one or more risk factor!

Car facts

The new edition of the best-selling Audi A4 came on the market in November 2007. The 4-cylinder diesel engine was converted to common rail technology, with the 4-cylinder diesel engines receiving turbo chargers. The A4 is twelve centimetres longer in the exterior than its prede-cessor, and the wheel base is sixteen centimetres longer due to the differential being brought forward. The Avant followed in April 2008. The A4 uses the new modular MLB transverse platform, on which additional models of the VW group are built. The A4 was reworked at the start of 2012. The sporty RS4 Avant was added to the line in autumn 2012. The next-generation A4 is expected in the first half of 2015 (the Avant in autumn of 2015), at which point this model will be available as a plug-in hybrid for the first time.

Audi A1

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The entry level Audi A1 hit the market in August 2010, as a 3-door at first. The car is built on the VW Polo platform, using components of the Golf. Audi's focus will be on dynamic driving characteristics and performance. Turbo-charged engines (TSI and TDI) will be the model's sole source of propulsion. BMW's New Mini is the most signifi-cant competitor of the A1. Audi will successively expand its line of small models along with the Mini, and a 5-door version of the A1, called the Sportback, was added at the start of 2012. An all-wheel drive quattro version and the sporty S1 version, with 231 hp, have also been added. A convertible version of the A1 is not expected until the second-generation model appears. Since 1992 only 1 Audi A1 was imported from the U.S. to Europe. There are no risk factors available for U.S. imported Audi A1's in Europe.​

Audi A8

Since 1992 over 750 Audi A8 were imported from the U.S. to Europe. More than 55 % of all American Audi A8 Imports have one or more risk factor!

Car facts

The completely renewed A8 hit the market in March 2010. At the start, the model was available with two different engines: 4.2l V8 FSI petrol with 273 kW and a TDI diesel of the same size, delivering 258 kW. 6-cylinder petrol and diesel engines have since been added, as well as a 12-cylinder petrol engine. An "S" version of the A8 is also available, featuring a 4l V8 engine and cylinder cut-off. As of spring of 2012, the A8 hybrid has also been available with a 2.0 TSFI engine, with a total performance of 180 kW/245 hp. This model was reworked at the start of 2014. The reworked A8 comes with new Audi design features, as well as new technology. The next-generation A8 (appear-ing at the end of 2017) should feature a plug-in hybrid.

Audi Q5

Since 1992 over 750 Audi Q5 were imported from the U.S. to Europe. More than 40 % of all American Audi Q5 Imports have one or more risk factor!

Car facts

The Q5 SUV, which is positioned downmarket from the Q7, was launched in late 2008. There is a possibility of us-ing a range of 4- to 8-cylinder engines in the Q5. The mod-el will be available with 4- and 6-cylinder engines. A hybrid version was added in 2011, and the Q5 received a facelift in September 2012. As of March 2013, the sporty S-line models are available with diesel engines for the first time. The SQ5 TDI has received a 3.0l-V6 diesel engine with two turbochargers and 313 hp. The second-generation Q5 is expected in 2016, and the SUV line-up should be extended once again in the year 2017 with the Q6, a sportier deriva-tive of the Q5 featuring elements of the Porsche Macan. Both the Q5 and the Q6 will be built in Audi's new plant in Mexico at that point.

Audi A6

Since 1992, at least 4.180 Audi A6 were imported from the U.S. to. Europe. Over 50 % of these Audi A6 are affected by at least one of the risk factors above.

Car facts

A completely new-generation A6 launched in spring of 2011, and features a slightly shorter and wider body. The new model will also weigh much less than its predecessor, thanks to lightweight construction and will initially feature revised 4- and 6-cylinder engines. The Avant followed in September 2011. All of the A6's engines have been reworked and trimmed for fuel efficiency. The A6 all-road has been available since mid-2012. A hybrid version and the sporty S6 were also launched last year. The RS6, which is available only as the Avant, was added in summer of 2013, featuring a 4.0 TFSI 560 hp twin-turbo V8 instead of the 5.0 V10 engine. We expect the model to be reworked this year, in the form of a facelift, which should be pre-sented at the Paris Auto Show in October. At that point, the new infotainment systems and the new fuel-efficient versions will be available under the "Ultra" label.

Audi A5

Since 1992 over 400 Audi A5 were imported from the U.S. to Europe. More than 70 % of all American Audi A5 Imports have one or more risk factor!

Car facts

The new-generation convertible was launched in spring of 2009 and is marketed as the A5 Cabriolet, based on the A5 coupé. The Sportback is another version of the A5. As a sporty hatchback with four doors and a large hatch, it will be the bridge from the A5 coupé to the A4. The A5 under-went a facelift at the end of 2011, including reworked engines, and now features the latest Audi design ele-ments. The next-generation A5 should launch at the end of 2015 (Sportback) and in the year 2016 (coupe and con-vertible).

Audi R8

Since 1992 over 75 Audi R8 were imported from the U.S. to Europe. More than 10 % of all American Audi R8 Imports have one or more risk factor!

Car facts

In the high-priced sports car segment, Audi has offered the R8 (known as Le Mans Quattro study) since early 2007, equipped with the 4.2l V8 FSI with 316 kW of power. All-wheel drive is standard. A Spyder version has been availa-ble since April 2010. The GT version of the R8 features a 5.2 l-V10-FSI engine with 386 kW of performance. The R8 was refreshed at the end of the year 2012. The V10's per-formance will be boosted to 525 hp in the Plus version. The renewal of the R8 is planned for the second half of 2015, and the convertible version should launch some-what later, in 2016. On the other hand, plans to launch the limited-edition R8 e-tron at the end of 2012 have been scrapped. Neverthe-less, a resumption of the project is not unlikely in order to survive in competition with the BMW i8.

Audi Q7

Since 1992 over 2000 Audi Q7 were imported from the U.S. to Europe. Almost 20% of all American Audi Q7 Imports have one or more risk factor!

Car facts

The large Q7 off-road came onto the market in early 2006, a vehicle which is technically related to the VW Touareg, but which is significantly longer and designed as a 7-seater. The concept car Pikes Peak presented at the Detroit Motor Show offered a first impression of this crossover model. The series version was first introduced at the 2005 IAA. The vehicle started off with two engines (4.2l FSI petrol and 3.0l TDI diesel). A new 3.6l V6 FSI petrol engine with 206 kW entered the engine range in autumn 2006. Audi displayed a Q7 with a 6.0l V12 TDI (368 kW) at the Detroit Motor Show in early 2007, which debuted at the end of 2008. The next-generation Q7, whose specifications feature a drastic weight reduction, is projected for the first half of 2015 and a hybrid version should be added after that. This model will serve as the basis for a sportier coupe version, the Q8, which will hit the market in 2017.

Audi A3

Since 1992 over 593 Audi A3 were imported from the U.S. to Europe. More than 60 % of all American Audi A3 Imports have one or more risk factor!

Car facts

The last-generation A3 once again anticipated numerous components of the fifth Golf generation, e.g. the group platform PQ35. The complete range of 4-cylinder petrol engines (1.6-2.0l) is available with direct injection; addi-tionally, a 3.2l V6 has been used starting in late 2003. The pump jet diesel engines have been successively converted to common rail technology since 2008. The second generation A3 has been available as a 3-door version and as a sporty and slightly longer hatchback called the "Sportback" since mid-2004. This 5-door variant has been sold on the US market since early 2005. The slightly modified look, introduced with the Sportback, has also been included in the 3-door version since early 2005. In addition, an A3 convertible has been available since ear-ly 2008. It has a cloth top. The current-generation A3 was launched in September 2012, using the Group's new MQB platform. The 5-door Sportback has been available since February 2013 and is larger than its predecessor. Its design is more distinct from that of the sportier 3-door, and closer to that of the Avant. As of late summer of last year, the focus will be primarily on adding the sedan version in the American and Chinese markets. Like the BMW 1 Series, the A3 line will likely be completed for the time being by a minivan version (2014). A natural gas version will be available starting this year and a plug-in hybrid was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2013. The sporty S3, with 280 hp (since 2013), and RS3, with 360 hp (appearing in 2015) complete the A3 line. The convertible version of the new A3 was presented at the 2013 IAA and was launched in time for the current season.

Audi A7

Since 1992 over 80 Audi A7 were imported from the U.S. to Europe. More than 40 % of all American Audi A7 Imports have one or more risk factor!

Car facts

The A7 SPORTBACK, which has been available since Octo-ber 2010, is a 4-door sport sedan in the style of the Mercedes CLS and which shares a platform with the A6. A S7 version, with a 4.0l 309 kW/420 hp V8 engine, is also available. The slightly reworked models will also be launched in late summer of this year.

Audi Q3

Car facts

The compact Q3 SUV hit the market in the fourth quarter of 2011. This model's basic architecture has been taken from the VW Tiguan, and the model will feature 4-cylinder diesel and petrol engines. Unlike all other engine options, the standard diesel engines will come with front-wheel drive instead of all-wheel drive. An RS version was added to the Q3 line in September 2013. A reworked Q3 is ex-pected in 2015