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What to look out for when you buy a Chrysler 300 from the US

CARFAX Risk Factor statistics for U.S. imports: Chrylser 300

Open Recall
Accident reported
Salvage Title
Total Loss
Flood Damage

Almost 40% of all Chrysler 300 imported into Europe have had an incident reported to CARFAX. Some examples of particular interest include:

  • 1.039 Chrysler 300 were imported into Europe with open recalls, which accounts for almost half of the incidents reported to CARFAX. This is especially important to avoid because most manufacturer warranties only cover the cost of recalls in the vehicle’s original country. Fiat Chrysler had the third most recalls in the United States in 2014.
  • 895 Chrysler 300 have been imported into Europe with a salvage title reported to CARFAX. A salvage title can mean many things (depending on the state where the title was issued), but in most cases it means the vehicle is not roadworthy due to being damaged in an accident, flood, fire, or other event.
  • 121 Chrysler 300 had flood damage when they were imported into Europe.

Sales & Import Stats

In 2014, Chrysler sold 53,382 300s in the United States. While still relatively strong, this is almost 1/3 of the number of sales 10 years ago. Since 1992, more than 6.088 Chrysler 300 were imported from the USA into Europe.

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