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Honda is a Japanese producer of cars and motorcycles and is currently the 7th largest auto manufacturer in the world, having produced 4,110,857 units just in 2013. The company is well acknowledged for its fuel efficiency which makes it a popular and good looking cost saver vehicle among its customers. Even though the company is Japanese, most of its sales are made in the United States. In the United States, Honda performed so well that up until the global financial crisis of 2008, they had been increasing their sales with a yearly growth between 2 and 10% since 1993. Honda tried to recover, but the new recession in 2011 pushed down sales again. After recovery, 2012 and 2013 followed with enormous growth as expected. In Europe, the recession meant that sales steadily declined from 2009 until 2013. Although direct sales may have decreased, that doesn’t mean that that is the only way Honda’s make their way to Europe. There are at least 64,941 Honda’s that were imported as used vehicles from the United States. The Honda CR-V is the most chosen used car by European importers, followed by the Accord and Civic.

The company has a worldwide reputation for producing the best quality engines in the world. That doesn’t keep Honda from making other mistakes. Over 2011 and 2012, the company had over 1,000,000 cars on recall for defects or bad parts. However, the CEO of Honda said in 2013 that Honda has set themselves the target of attaining a record amount of sales in the upcoming years. Part of that strategy is to penetrate the emerging markets further and bring well selling brands into the American market.

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CARFAX Statistics show that the risk factors for U.S. exported Honda cars include recall, accident and airbag deployment history.

Cars with a history of a recall status are cars which had a pending status for a recall. The question whether these cars were actually sent back for improvements can make a great difference in whether to buy a vehicle or not. Since recalls can affect the functionality and safety of the vehicle significantly, it poses a great difference in financial value as well. Currently, there are 19,691 U.S. exported Honda cars in Europe with such a recall history. Make sure you buy a car that matches your expectations and doesn’t deliver surprises.

Accident history… it sounds like a severe risk factor, but it is one that many cars have been exposed to. Did you know that you can check whether a car was ever in an accident with CARFAX? For used cars which were exported from the U.S., it may be much more difficult to uncover the history, but CARFAX knows that at least 19,342 Honda cars, or, 50% of these vehicles have been involved in an accident. Logically, cars that were ever in an accident carry a different value. Know what you buy with CARFAX.

What happens to cars after their airbag has deployed? Well, normally these cars need to be repaired by professionals who can recover the original safety that was provided. But how do you know this is the case? That is the reason we have included airbag deployment as a risk factor. We have detected that it is always important to control whether the functionality of the vehicle is that which is promised. While doing so, we have detected cars that had non-functioning airbags and even airbags that were filled with everything, but an actual protection mechanism. Presently, there are 4,416 U.S. exported Honda cars in Europe with a history of Airbag deployment. Check your car with CARFAX.