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CARFAX Risk Factor Statistics for imported Ram Trucks from the US

Open Recalls
Accident reported
Salvage Title
Total Loss
Flood Damage
Stolen Entry

CARFAX Statistics show that the risk factors for Ram Trucks include recall, salvage title, and stolen cars.

Something one should try to avoid when buying a car is an open recall. This is important because most manufacturer warrantees only cover the cost of a recall in the original country of sale. Recalls are issued for a number of reasons, including some smaller points, as well as some potentially dangerous ones. There have been at least 7,917 Ram Trucks imported into Europe with an open recall. This accounts for more than 70% of the incidents reported on Ram Trucks to CARFAX.

There are cars driving on European roads that have been issued a salvage title in the U.S. Two of the main reasons why a salvage title may be issued include: After the car was in a serious accident, it was illegally rebuilt and exported instead of being scrapped. Another possibility is that the car was involved in VIN-cloning, a sort of identity theft for cars, which results in another vehicle’s history being given. This is a red flag for fraud. 2,064 Ram Trucks have been exported from the U.S. to Europe with a salvage history.

Believe it or not, many vehicles that have been reported as stolen in the United States make their way across the ocean to Europe. Buyers of these vehicles can have legal problems down the road and should try to avoid these cars at all costs. 137 Ram Trucks have been imported into Europe with a stolen vehicle status. Help protect yourself from being involved in a criminal action by always checking the CARFAX.

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