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Toyota Motor Corporation, also known as Toyota, is the world’s no.1 in global vehicle sales, making it one of the largest overall companies in the world. The Japanese manufacturer of cars with its headquarters in Aichi, Japan, is well known for producing fuel efficient cars for an affordable price. Most famous, and most sold, is the Corolla model. But also the hybrid Prius, which is one of the ‘cleanest’ vehicles out on the market, gave the company a good name with over 3 million sales in June 2013. The high gasoline prices and the high taxes for CO2 emissions have without a doubt added to the sales of Toyota. Toyota also produces vehicles under other names, mostly to satisfy other target markets. These brands include luxury brand Lexus, Daihatsu and Hino.

Sales statistics Toyota

toyota statistics

Toyota managed over a 10 year period starting in 2003 and ending in 2013 to grow notably with worldwide sales increasing by over 40%. Especially within Asia and Latin America sales skyrocketed. In Europe the market experienced a slight shift. Most car manufacturers blame the financial crisis for low sales in Europe, but the real problem wasn’t that the demand completely went away. Surely, the market was down, but Kia for example proved one could still be profitable. The demand simply changed, and many main stream car manufacturers, of which Toyota was one, weren’t quick enough to adapt and adjust. Current market share for Toyota in Europe is 4,16% which is nothing to be ashamed of. Also in Europe, Toyota may have an advantage in many countries, particularly due to tax structures and regulations on CO2 emissions. Next to that, Toyota is also a brand that is frequently imported from the U.S.

Currently, since 1992 158,412 U.S. import Toyota’s were imported to Europe. The most imported model is the Camry, followed by the RAV4 and the Corolla.

Toyota cars in Europe that were imported from the U.S. with a history of accidents are a risk factor used car buyers should look out for. In total, there are currently 51,160 imported Toyota’s in Europe with a history of accidents. That’s almost 1 out of every three imported Toyota’s imported from the US! When customers’ don’t know about accident history, these cars can be sold for prices higher than their actual value. Because of that, it is essential for used car buyers to know what they are buying!

A similar risk factor is called airbag deployment. Whenever cars get into accidents, crashes or situations of (close) collision, the airbag may deploy. After airbag deployment, the car is supposed to be repaired and the airbag restored so that it offers full safety and functionality. To restore the airbag is a task that many times can be very expensive. As a result, what happens many times is that these cars are exported without repairing the airbag fully. CARFAX has reported at least 9.500 cars in Europe that have a history of airbag deployment. Always check such cars to know that they offer you full functionality.

Another risk factor is mileage inconsistency. This is often an indicator of mileage fraud or rollback. Cars that were imported from the U.S. may have a mileage reading that is inaccurate or untrue. These cars normally pretend to have a higher value than they actually do. CARFAX has detected at least 759 imported Toyotas from the US with such a history. Be sure you buy the right vehicle.

Toyota Camry

Since 1992 over 48045 Toyota Camry vehicles were imported from the U.S. to Europe. More than 50% of all American Toyota Camry Imports have one or more risk factors!

Toyota RAV4

Since 1992 over 16960 Jeep Toyota RAV4 were imported from the U.S. to Europe. More than 50% of all Toyota RAV4 Imports have a risk factor!

Toyota Corolla

Since 1992 over 13480 Toyota Corolla vehicles were imported from the U.S. to Europe. More than 50% of all American Toyota Corolla Imports have one or more risk factors!