CARFAX Vehicle History Report Packages for American Import Cars

CARFAX is the most trusted source of information in Europe about the vehicle history of U.S. cars. Thanks to the CARFAX Vehicle History Report, it is possible to check the history of American import cars before you buy. Take the advantage of the VIN number check and find out if the used car you're about to buy has a negative history record reported to CARFAX.


Carafax Europe is the only legal source for US Vehicle history Reports outside of the United States SINGLE REPORT

I know exactly which car I want

39,99 €/ 1 Report

39,99 € for report

1 CARFAX report for 1 car

Report available in your account
for 30 days




Carafax Europe is the only legal source for US Vehicle history Reports outside of the United States 5 PACK

I want to compare several cars

56,99 €/ 5 Reports

11,40 € for report

5 CARFAX reports for 5 cars

Each report will be available in your account for 30 days

Check 5 different cars

Pack is valid 1 year


Save up to 70 %

CARFAX Business program

From 64,99 €/ month

Access to the CARFAX global database with a fixed price for the report



Make a good investment by checking the CARFAX Car History Report before you buy an American car.

Search by VIN

If you have already found the car you want to buy or if you are interested in knowing the history of a particular vehicle, the Simple Package is the best option for you. Report available for 30 days in your account.

If you are at the beginning of the search for used cars and need help making a secure purchase, the 5-Report Package gives you the possibility to compare 5 different cars. Validity of 1 year to download the 5 reports. Each report will be available for 30 days in your account.

The CARFAX report is available in different packages, depending on whether you wish to check a single vehicle or different vehicles. Check here the vehicle databased on its VIN.

Learn all of the different sections and the information shown on the CARFAX Report, which is included no matter which CARFAX products you have chosen. Every CARFAX Report on American import cars checks vehicle data relating to the following areas: date of registration, theft, mileage manipulation, import / export, number of previous owners, use of the previous vehicle, technical data, age of the vehicle and much more...

We believe everyone can benefit from the CARFAX Vehicle History Report. CARFAX products are intended for:

  • Buyers of second-hand American import cars

  • Sellers of second-hand American import cars

  • People interested in finding out if your own vehicle has a history in the U.S.


For business and dealer customers please find more information here: CARFAX Business Program

Getting CARFAX Vehicle History Reports for American import cars is a quick and easy process. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Enter the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the vehicle of interest
  2. The VIN number check will display, instantly and free of charge, the amount of data available in the CARFAX Vehicle History Report for that specific vehicle
  3. Select one of the 2 available CARFAX Report packages
  4. To create a customer account, enter your email address
  5. Select your preferred method of payment