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10 maart 2021

Record figures on the Dutch used car market

(MUNICH, July 2nd 2020) The Dutch used car market is booming. In June 2020 no less than the best monthly result ever was achieved in the Netherlands. In times of Corona, more and more people are turning away from public transport and switching to their own cars - so it is all the more important to take a closer look at the history of a used car before buying it. A growing used car market means growing dangers at the same time. More and more cars are entering the market, and these vehicles do not always meet the high standards that Dutch buyers expect of them. This means that the new dream car can quickly become an expensive cost trap - especially in view of the fact that our neighbors, just like Germany, are flooded with many imports. Even if a used car makes a good first impression visually and through the information provided by the seller, buyers should not rely on it. In any case, they should take a look at the vehicle's history before buying, or even better before the test drive. This can be done in various ways, for example free of charge via the website of the RDW (Registration Authorities in the Netherlands). With CARFAX vehicle histories, potential buyers will probably get the most comprehensive view of the car's history - including information on imported vehicles - if the data is available. CARFAX has more than 28 billion records on over one billion vehicles in Europe and North America. Depending on the level of detail of the information, users of CARFAX vehicle histories can see at a glance in which country the vehicle was first registered, whether the car was used alternatively (e.g. as a taxi or rental car), whether it has had accidents in the past, and whether the inspection rhythm has been maintained. Irregularities in the mileage, which may indicate that the speedometer has been tampered with, can also be checked. Sense of the vehicle histories: The information asymmetry between buyer and seller is resolved, the potential buyer can now make the decision for or against a car with more confidence. In the best case, the buyer protects himself against expensive bad buys or receives a significantly improved negotiating position. Basically, used car buyers should adhere to three basic rules. First, a CARFAX vehicle history should be obtained. This is available to users on portals such as AutoTrack and AutoWereld - on AutoTrack even free of charge. Serious dealers also offer CARFAX vehicle histories to their customers free of charge. If the car's CV makes a good impression, a personal test drive as well as a short check of the vehicle at an independent garage is absolutely essential. If the car passes all the tests, there is nothing to stop you buying it!

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