Beware of fake CARFAX reports: they can get you into trouble

Don’t be tempted by cheap imitations – protect yourself with genuine CARFAX reports.


A fake* CARFAX report may seem like a good way to save money, but they can put you at risk. Vehicle History Reports can be by nature incomplete and contain errors, because such reports are based on data collected from third parties. Even so, collecting the events a used vehicle went through still requires significant time and effort. Fake CARFAX reports are created by individuals who are not authorized to access the official CARFAX database, or any other reliable databases.

The dangers of fake CARFAX reports

By buying a fake CARFAX report you’re supporting criminal activity which can in turn promote manipulation on used cars for sale. You can’t be sure that such reports do not omit important information on purpose. CARFAX is a registered trademark – those using it illegally are criminals.

Fake CARFAX websites can put you at risk of credit card theft and phishing for personal data.

With a fake report you can’t leverage our 30 days data update guarantee and access up-to-date information, for example on accidents or ownership changes.

We will provide a refund if you are not satisfied with our product or service, unlike fake CARFAX sellers. Please check our terms and conditions for information on refunds.

CARFAX Vehicle History Reports contain non-public information obtained from trusted sources, and their value exceeds €5.

Why buy the authentic CARFAX

Money back guarantee

30 days report update

Instant Access

Various payment methods

Why choose authentic CARFAX Vehicle History Reports

If you want to know the most about the history of a vehicle, there is no substitute for an authentic CARFAX Vehicle History Report. Here is what makes CARFAX the best choice:

  1. More peace of mind CARFAX reports can ease the stress of buying a used car by helping you feel more confident in your purchase decision and avoid surprises later on.

  2. Negotiating power CARFAX report can help you negotiate a lower price with the seller by revealing any issues with the vehicle, such as previous accidents or title problems, helping you get a better deal on the car.

  3. Transparent and trustworthy CARFAX promotes transparency and disclosure in the used car market. With over 100 people working for CARFAX Europe, we are committed to ensuring a fair and trustworthy used car market.

  4. Extensive access to information CARFAX has access to a vast database of vehicle records from over 20 European countries, the United States, and Canada. This extensive access to information enables us to provide vehicle history reports beyond country borders.

CARFAX Sample Report

* The definition of "fake": production and exploitation of counterfeit copyrighted works.