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Why check vehicle history?

If you're planning to buy a used imported car from Europe or the United States, it's worth checking the car for theft, damage, and number of owners. Knowing how many miles the car has driven and in what country can make a difference. Mileage rollback and manipulated vehicle registration data allows scammers to sell used cars for more than their real value. Even car dealers themselves may fall for this deception. CARFAX's used car history can help keep risks to a minimum.

How can I check the history of an imported car?

Thanks to CARFAX it's very easy. To check a used car you will need the VIN or chassis number of the vehicle. Enter it in the corresponding field at the top of this page and you'll get free, instant results. A free CARFAX informs you whether data is available and if yes, how much data can be provided. If a seller, for example, says that the car was only in Germany and we have data from Italy or Poland, this means that the dealer must be wrong and likely fell for a scam.

What information does CARFAX provide?

  • Mileage rollback and other related information
  • Number of owners
  • Ownership type (individual or company)
  • Length of ownership
  • Traffic accidents, including total loss
  • Cars that have been sunk or scrapped (USA Salvage Title)