The history of a used car: immediate access with CARFAX

The summary gives you an overview of all the records found

This is how our history will help you when buying a used car:

Damage or odometer fraud reduce the market value. With the information in our report you can do a better price estimation.

You can use our information to check for incorrect or missing information in the advertisement.

For imports it is difficult to trace the history. Not with CARFAX, we know vehicles, incl. accident information, from over 20 countries.

Use CARFAX to sort out vehicles with high risks before you make a long drive to view them.

With our Vehicle History Reports, you can identify risks and make an informed buying decision.

NEW: accident information for imported vehicles

You can now check used cars for damage and accidents from Germany, Poland, France and many more countries.

Check in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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