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Why is the KM Check important?

12% of odometers in the EU, on average, are tampered with. In cross-border trade, even between 30% and 50%, according to information provided by the Committee for Transport and Tourism from the European Parliament.

CARFAX recommends: Check the mileage of the used car and avoid buying a vehicle above its value, as well as expensive follow-up costs. These can be unexpected repairs, damage due to missed inspections and possible problems with car insurance.

How to know the real kilometers of a car?

For cars imported from the USA and European used cars, all you need to do is get CARFAX's Vehicle History Report. The report contains all registered mileage that we have from various sources on each vehicle in Europe and the USA. This is the fastest and easiest way to safely check mileage and detect speedometer tampering.

How to detect signs of odometer tampering

The last service invoice, and potentially a log book (if available) or the workshop report can be useful for this.

Example: There have been five oil changes. The manufacturer recommends an oil change every 20,000 kilometers. So, the odometer should show around 100,000 kilometers.

If the car still has the original tires, and they are in good shape, that indicates low mileage. Also, look at the condition of the accelerator pedal, its wear and tear will indicate the amount of usage.

If you are still unsure after all this, have a used car check done by a garage or automobile club. This will cost you, but if you want to be sure, it's money well spent when you've invested several thousand euros in the car.

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