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Our services are tailored to support your business with professional solutions and make the used car market digital, transparent and fair. Whether your goal is risk mitigation or confidence building, find out how we can support all types of automotive businesses.

We offer solutions for the following industries

Build confidence in the quality of your vehicles by disclosing the history, documented by an independent third party. With CARFAX, you'll buy better vehicles and close deals faster at higher prices.

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The resulting transparency generates on average 20% more leads for your dealer customers and is helping them to turnover their inventory more quickly.

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CARFAX Vehicle History data can also be a valuable tool in underwriting, risk assessment or in the areas of claim and fraud management. Our services can be easily integrated into your systems via interfaces or accessed online via our Professional Suite.

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Why choose CARFAX

35+ years of experience
30+ billion records
50,000+ business customers
35+ integrations with vehicle markets
100,000+ data sources from 22 countries
Used in 170+ countries

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Better user experience and more sales with the CARFAX Vehicle Data Service

Short and simple search processes for spare parts or an insurance offer lead to more deals at a faster rate. With our exclusive CARFAX Vehicle Data Service, you can provide technical information about a vehicle by simply entering the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or license plate number (where available). In addition, you ensure higher data quality in your database.

More transparency and more confidence with the CARFAX Vehicle History Report

The CARFAX Vehicle History Report is the CV of a vehicle. It creates transparency and trust when buying and selling, but also when it comes to insurance and financing issues. Because no matter who is making the offer and demand, it can help all parties to minimize risk.

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