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30 January 2023

With CARFAX safely to the classic car dream

Imagine waiting almost 40 years for your childhood dream to come true, and then still having the patience to not blindly fulfill it when you have the opportunity. That's exactly how CARFAX customer Andreas did it.

Andreas comes from Lüdenscheid in North Rhine-Westphalia and has already been working in the automotive business for 30 years, half of which as the manager of an Audi location. No wonder that his dream car is also an Audi, more precisely an Audi 5000 S 2.2 with 5 cylinders and automatic transmission.

"This is exactly the model I always imagined as my dream car when I got my driver's license in 1982. And I always looked at these models in the showroom at our local Audi partner," Andreas says.

His passion even went so far that he worked for 27 years at this very Audi dealership as a salesman and later business manager.

Sales photo from USA

In 2020, the time had come for Andreas. After long years of waiting and researching, Andreas bought himself the Audi 5000 S - and as a classic car at that. However, Andreas owes the fact that he found exactly this model to chance:

"I was always looking for and looking at such vehicles on the Internet until I found this Audi by great coincidence in the course of my professional work. That's when I had to strike immediately."

His first-ownership Audi 5000 S was brought back to Germany from the U.S. in 2019, coincidentally not far from Andrea's home. The seller was a professional dealer for US classic cars. The dealer presented Andreas with all the available information and documentation on the vehicle:

"Everything that had already been done to the vehicle in Germany he documented and proved and what still had to be done, if necessary, he also told me. The salesman even advised me to get the data via CARFAX. He himself also works with it in his business."

That's exactly what Andreas did - and was not disappointed. Andreas was able to verify all the information provided by the seller using the CARFAX.

Ottieni il Report dell’auto usata

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"The CARFAX helped me a lot to understand the vehicle valuation, the condition of the vehicle and the history that had previously only been communicated verbally. It was therefore very transparent and confirmed everything as it was stated at the time of purchase," Andreas relates, and continues, "I would always use and recommend CARFAX in the future. The history of a USA vehicle can be checked here very quickly and easily as well as inexpensively and checked for plausibility."

For Andreas, the advantage of CARFAX is obvious:

"You get data and information that would otherwise be impossible to obtain and thus acquire a little more security when buying, but also when selling because of the valuation based on provable data."

With a good feeling and his wish fulfilled after 40 years, Andreas is finally doing what he has wanted to do for so long: Attract attention with one of the most beautiful Audi classic cars in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Are you planning to buy a used car? The vehicle history can help you, like Andreas, to prove the authenticity of the vehicle or to inform yourself about possible risks at an early stage. By the way, reputable dealers and sellers provide you with CARFAX vehicle history directly, so that you get the most comprehensive impression about a vehicle.

* Fotos: Andreas J.

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