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Reduce Crime and Fraud


Protect the Community


Enhance Your Registry


Reduce Crime and Fraud


Protect the Community


Enhance Your Registry


Avoid registering problem cars using our unique
cross-border information from Europe, the U.S.,
and Canada.
Detect unsafe cars (I.e. with salvage or flood
damage) from being allowed on public roads.
Optimize databases to improve investigations &
registrations with access to 20+ Billion records
from 100.000+ data sources in 20+ countries.

30 Years’ Experience

With over 30 years’ in the used car market, CARFAX is an expert in national and cross-border used car activities.

From these experiences, we’ve been able to develop and refine a range of unique services supporting governments’ and law enforcement agencies around the world.

Designed to improve information and support crime prevention as well as public safety.

  • Cross-border used car information – 20+ European countries including the U.S. and  Canada
  • Data cleansing – greater clarity for informed decisions
  • Risk Alerts’ – avoid approving problem cars
Our 30 years of experience

Cross-Border Information

Assessing a vehicle's past becomes increasingly difficult when it's from a foreign European marketplace or worse, the U.S. or Canada. With more than 20 billion records from over 100.000+ data sources covering 20+ countries including the U.S. & Canada & CARFAX reduces uncertainties to the history of vehicles'.

Data Cleansing

Improve information vital for inspections', registrations' and criminal investigations' by using the CARFAX VIN decoding service to clean your vehicle databases'. Speed up decisions and responses of staff by providing better quality information to find hidden problems before a car's allowed into traffic.

Cross border information

Risk Alerts

Use CARFAX's extensive database to uncover problem cars before they enter traffic with a direct connection to information in 20+ countries. Our Risk Alert service provides Government and Law Enforcement Agencies with alert warnings for use during investigations and mandatory inspections including warning triggers for:

  • Mileage Incon. (incl. Rollback)
  • Stolen
  • Salvage
  • Inspections / Recalls
  • plus much more…

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