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09 September 2021


CAR-PORT is one of the largest vehicle online auction portals in Poland. The company owns the online portals CAR ARENA and WRECAR. On CAR ARENA the mainly professional users find used cars from all age and vehicle classes. From now on, interested buyers can use CARFAX vehicle histories to check whether accidents, damage, mileage, alternative uses and other data are available for the vehicle before entering an auction. This allows users to enter the auction with more confidence.

CARFAX vehicle histories are also integrated into the WRECAR auction portal. On WRECAR, only vehicles with accident damage or other damage are auctioned. Thanks to CARFAX vehicle histories, WRECAR users can ideally trace the vehicle's life cycle and better decide whether the investment in the vehicle is worthwhile.

"With CARFAX we offer our customers a service that is unique in our industry and increase the transparency on our portal. By providing CARFAX vehicle histories free of charge to our customers, we are setting a new standard," comments Agata Chowaniec, Managing Director at CAR-PORT on the cooperation with CARFAX Europe.

"We are very pleased that with CAR-PORT we were able to win one of the most important Polish automotive players for a cooperation. CARPORT users benefit from an information advantage on all platforms, provided in seconds and without additional costs," explains Marco Arban, Director Business Development at CARFAX Europe.

Check in advance to avoid costly hidden surprises.

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