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Every used car has a value

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Integrate CARFAX in your Certified Pre-Owned Program


Attract more buyers


Build confidence


Convert leads faster


More buyers


Build confidence


Faster leads conversion


Generate greater peace of mind through
the transparency CARFAX offers.
Convince buyers faster by reducing doubt,
supporting inquiry and lead generation.
Convert leads to sales faster while
encouraging repeat sales and servicing
through your network.

OEM partners

At CARFAX, we work with numerous brands that include the CARFAX Vehicle History Report as part of their used car program.

In particular, CARFAX is used to provide additional reliable content from thousands of sources in order to support pre-owned listings and share information conveniently with online shoppers.

This additional service for customers builds consumer confidence and drives more traffic to your dealer network.

CARFAX, as part of your certified used car program, not only promotes cars in your dealer network but generates more leads while helping to protect your brand, reputation and investments.

With data from most European countries, the USA and Canada, the CARFAX Report is a helpful tool for your entire dealer network to not only protect them but create more trust and confidence in the used cars offered.

Contact us to discover more about how CARFAX can enhance value in your pre-owned program.

Our partners

What our partners say

Opel – building more value with CARFAX

Opel Netherlands selected CARFAX when it wanted to build more value for its certified used car program.

Offered with every used car passing Opel's strict used car requirements, the Free CARFAX Report enables Opel to build greater transparency, trust and confidence faster with consumers.

CARFAX also enables Opel to overcome some traditional doubts and objections buyers have when searching for a used car, providing greater piece-of-mind and confidence for consumers…and confident consumers buy cars.

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Need more value for your used car program? Think CARFAX.

Partnership with Opel

Enhance pre-owned messaging

Consumers are attracted to certified pre-owned programs through brand affinity and the security it provides. Security in the sustainability of the brand and its ability to provide long-term product and technical support without the headaches used cars can bring.

CARFAX enables you to win more consumer trust and confidence by providing greater peace of mind not to mention 62% more online engagement by enriching existing communications and convincing buyers faster through transparency.

Enhance pre-owned messaging

Generate more confidence and action

Consumers are more likely to act when they feel their needs are being met. For used cars, these include the knowledge they are not buying a problem and that they can expect security in the knowledge they are buying from a reputable source offering expert knowledge and technical expertise to support them should things go wrong.

Through transparency brings trust and confidence, inspiring buyers to act and make contact to request more information sooner.

Offering the CARFAX Vehicle History Report has proven to generate 40% more requests for callbacks and 3.5x more leads than dealers that don't offer a free CARFAX report by inspiring greater consumer confidence, showing your brand wants to be open and honest by providing the history of a vehicle from a trusted independent source.

Generate more confidence

Support sales

Building a positive view of your brand's products and services early is crucial and enables you when consumers trust the information they're seeing, to close sales sooner. CARFAX has proven to generate 5 days faster sales thanks to the additional transparency the CARFAX Vehicle History Report provides.

Being more transparent early in the communications process also supports your longer-term customer retention, repeat purchasing and post-sale servicing activities as well as generating positive word of mouth and referrals for your dealer network.

Support sales